For kids who participate in Catholic Youth Organization basketball, it is more than a game

Patrick wrote the following about his participation in Catholic Youth Organization basketball, which receives funding from United Way of Broome County as part of CYO’s Athletics and Recreation program:

“CYO basketball gave me the opportunity to bring not only my skills to the court, but also my desire to part of a team which valued each and every member. My coaches instilled the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect for each other in each practice and game. While our focus was certainly on winning, it was how they influenced our attitudes before, during, and after a game that had a major impact on the outcome of the game.

The members of our team came from various school districts as well as different backgrounds. We were able to embrace not only the competitiveness of the sport but also learn from each other in so many ways that winning alone could not do.

I thank the CYO community and my coaches for giving me not only the opportunity to continue to enjoy the sport of basketball, but also for contributing to my personal success as a person. They have taught me values in life: to believe, to persevere, to encourage, and to lead. It is upon these values that I have been able to accomplish my goals not only in sports, but also in school and within the community. My experiences with the CYO have been life changing and I will often reflect upon them as I someday hope to coach and guide the youth in our community.”

(Names and other information may have been changed to protect privacy.)

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