Working with his mom and school, Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome helps teenager

Josh has faced many trials already in his young life, including seeing his father jailed for domestic abuse. Josh has had some issues that have resulted from these trials. They have affected his behavior in a negative way at home, at school, and at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Broome.

As the result of an open dialogue between Josh’s mom, his school, and the staff of the Youth Outreach program of the Boys and Girls Club, which is partially funded by United Way of Broome County, Josh is now making better choices for himself each day.

The Boys and Girls Club adapted some of its policies and procedures slightly to both better accommodate some of Josh’s needs and also to help him cope with some of his negative behaviors. The ability and willingness to communicate with both Josh’s mother and his school, and then taking the information gained from these conversations and applying them to its programs, has been the key to the success of the Boys and Girls Club in working with Josh. He is now less angry, performing better in school, and more focused on taking steps to become successful in life.

(Names and other information may have been changed to protect privacy.)

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